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Maintenance Services

We have been in this business core since 1990 and over the period we have gained wide range of experience in the different fields of building maintenance including painting, plumbing, electrical, carpentry and cleaning.


We have well-trained and well-motivated employees who serves our clients with the Highest Quality of service that they deserve.

Building Maintenance Service

  • Treatment of old structures by removal of rust and corrosion of prime strength imparting agents like reinforcements and concrete and strengthening them with use of extensive new techniques and chemicals, admixtures to gain service strength to make it last long.

  • Modern methods of grouting and repairing using chemical injectors and replacements in old structure and washrooms and seepage area.

  • Landscaping and gardening and other aesthetic enhancements.

  • Pavement and tiles repairs.

  • Removal of fungal stain or mould by Jet washing with chemical cleaning.

  • Re-plastering and plaster repairs, coating and painting removal with repainting and coating.

  • Foundation inspection with remedies of leaching marks, corrosion in bars by repairing and application of anticorrosion agents.

  • Repairing cracking or leaning walls and concrete.

  • Tiling, flooring, brick work etc.

Electrical Works


  • We provide wide-range of services in the repair and general maintenance for various types of electrical works including installation of heat, power, air-conditioning, and refrigeration system.

  • Electrical works for commercial & residential buildings.

  • Cable laying & panel board works.

  • Fire Alarm works.

  • Pole erection works.

Mechanical Works

  • All types of mechanical and steel structural works.

  • Assembling of all types of machineries, air conditioning and chiller systems.

  • All mechanical engineering services.

Firefighting works


  • Lying of MS pipe lines.

  • Supply and fixing of intelligent system.

Carpentry and Gypsum Works


  • Interior & exterior carpentry works.

  • Ceiling & roof framing.

  • Floor & wall framing.

  • Cabinet construction. Modular furniture.

  • Door, window & furniture works.

  • Finishing carpentry works including Mouldings, laminations, etc.



We recognize that painting is not an everyday occurrence for you. We are authorised painting service provider for many large painting companies and our trained workforce uses modern methods and technology for both exterior and interior painting.


We ensure in providing top notch sanitary services for both drainage and plumbing systems which include installation of toilet fittings, external pipelines and underground DI and GI pipes, etc with technically sound labour's and equipment of most upgraded technology available.

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