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Oil & Gas Fasteners

Fasteners used in the petrochemical industry should ideally be able to survive the harshest of environments. Equipment used for the drilling and transportation of oil and gas are required to bear with extreme fatigue conditions like extreme weather and high-pressure situations. At PEARL Corporation, we house a wide range of fasteners which are suitable for this very need. At PEARL Corporation, we understand the importance of segregating our product profile to service different markets with varying fastener needs and lead time requirements. For petrochemical industry, we offer a wide range of products to meet your specifications and manufacturing needs.


Hex Bolt, Screws

Alloy : A307B, A325 Type 1 & 3, B7, L7, B

Stainless: B6, B8, B8M, B8T


Socket Cap Screw & 12 Pt Blanks

Imperial and Metric

Alloy: B7, B7M, L7, L7M, B16

Stainless: B8, B8M


Hexagon Nuts

Imperial and Metric

Carbon & Alloy: Gr. 2H, 2HM,3,4,7,7m

Stainless: Gr. 6, 8, 8M, 8M

Strain Hardened: 8T, 8C

Duplex & Nickel Alloy: 660A, 660B, UNS S 31803, S32760, MonelTM 400,InconelTM



Imperial and Metric

Stainless: AISI 304, AISI 316 ​ ​

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