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Power Generation Fasteners

Every segment of the energy industry relies on critical fasteners in critical systems to help generate electricity for the world. Each power-generating segment, both renewable and nonrenewable, requires specialty material fasteners that meet stringent design and manufacturing standards. For example, fasteners are used in electrical equipment, turbines, motors, exhaust systems, pumping systems, and storage vessels. Because fasteners for power generation are used in harsh environments and conditions, they must be extremely durable and reliable and offer high performance and superior resistance in high-heat, high-pressure, and corrosive applications.


As equipment in the energy industry is often subjected to extreme environments and harsh conditions, they must be designed and built to withstand these conditions, even down to the fasteners which hold them together. Thus, high-performing fasteners are necessary to meet the requirements and standards of the power generation industry. We have the right fasteners for the right power generation application.



Hex Bolts/Nuts/Locknuts

Cap Nuts

Engineers Studs

Stud Bolts

Waisted Studs

12 Point Bolts/Nuts

Wire Locking Inserts

Machined Components



Alloy Steel (170 ksi/ 36-43Rc)

ASTM A193 B7, B16 & B8M

ASTM A437 B4B,

AISI 422 Stainless Steel

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