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Our Expertise

Geotechnical Investigations (Soil Testing):

All the structures, buildings and even life are based on the soil. The investigation of the soil is very necessary for the construction activities. The soil test gives or shows the physical and chemical characteristic of the particular soil. These characteristics vary from soil to soil and layer to layer even within the proposed area of the construction. The soil characteristics can change with time. The climate, weather changes, and management of the site can lead to change in characteristics. All these changes affect the bearing quality of the soil. Any project that is constructed has to be designed to meet the bearing capacity of the soil. Here, in Pearl Corporation, we try to provide the detailed soil reports to our customers maintaining the highest level of precision and commitment for effective decision making and planning purpose. Our area of focus includes:


Geotechnical & Soil testing

We are capable of providing all required tests and examinations for Soil Investigations, Soil Testing, Laboratory Testing & Analysis. A summary of the services we provide in the Geotechnical testing are as given below:


Soil exploration & tests

Penetration test:

- Standard penetration test
- Static cone penetration test

Shear vane test:

- Shear vane testt
- Direct shear and triaxial tests

Plate loading tests

Pressuremeter and dilatometer tests

Geophysical methods

- Seismic measurements
- Resistivity measurements
- Electromagnetic measurements
- Magnetic measurements
- Gravity measurements.

Concrete Non–Destructive Tests

- Concrete Test Hammer
- Rebar Locator (Concrete Cover Meter)
- Ultrasonic Concrete Tester
- Caning corrosion Analyzer
- Concrete Resistivity

Lab tests

- Strength Tests like - Triaxial Shear Test
- Undrained with Pore Pressure Measurement, Consolidated Drained, Unconfined
- Compression Test, Direct Shear Test, Vane Shear Test
- Proctor Density Test
- Compaction and Consolidation Tests
- General Tests for determination of Index Properties of Soil
- Evaluation of Soil-reports prepared by other parties
- Tests for determination of Consistency Limits of Soil
- Measurement of Swelling Pressure & Swelling Index
- Permeability Tests
- Determination of California Bearing Ratio
- Determination of Crushing Strength and Co-efficient of Softening of Rocks
- Point Load Test for determination of Tensile Strength of Rocks
- Chemical Test of Soil & Water for determining pH value and concentration of Ions
- Bearing capacity of Soil and Settlement of Foundation
- Design of foundation for different sub-soil conditions
- Slope-Stability Analysis for Embankments, Dams, Retaining-Walls etc



A wide range of bricklaying services including garden walls, porches, conservatories, extensions, garage conversions, new builds, repair work as well as other general building services and internal renovations

Our workers are highly skilled in brickwork construction and follow safe working practices which is a top priority. From the smallest to the largest of jobs we ensure top class quality of work is provided with the minimum amount of disruption. We ensure and adhere in providing building materials and service to the highest standard.


A wide range of flooring is practiced and their selection depends on applications, aesthetics and choice of our clients the following are the few types of flooring we widely practice as per our customer choice.


Our highly skilled workers with more than decades of experience along with materials and components of top class and standard certification combine to make the structures withstand any disaster and corrosions, use of active chemicals and admixtures helps in achieving desired strength and durability. Bars and reinforcement of steel derived from ores are used to achieve a perfect balance of flexibility and durability; our esteemed suppliers are Sail, Tata etc.

Electrical works

We are experienced in installing wiring with suitable lighting design and arrangements as per required accommodations and repairing complex electrical control with technical blueprints which is made by virtual modelling. We keep scope for installation of heat, power, air-conditioning, and refrigeration operate through electrical systems as per users requirement.

Plaster & finishing

Our primary aim is to raise the standards of plastering through providing the best quality finishes and customer service. Our main area of concern rotates around both domestic and commercial plastering and rendering projects. Our team of plasterers have the experiences and qualifications to undertake small extensions as well as large commercial housing development jobs. Our team can help with all forms of plastering, rendering, skimming, partition walls, drilling, repairs, maintenance, painting (All weather, anti-carbonate type etc.) and decorating, lime plaster, lime render, k-rend, monocouche rendering, external wall insulation, acrylic rendering, repainting and much more exactly according to client requirements, along with chemical curing in high rise building where usage of water is practically impossible and shortage as a result we consume low water, hence preservation of water for environment

Sanitary & Plumbing

We ensure in providing top notch sanitary services for both drainage and plumbing systems which include installation of toiletfittings,external pipelines and underground DI and GI pipes, etc with technically sound labors and equipment of most upgraded technology available

Maintenance Work

Keeping safety of public and workers and protection of environment, we carry out high standards of smart maintenance services in order to preserve and upgrade the service life of the existing structure through our highly skilled labours, which are either provided periodically (year to year basis) or on special recommendations. Our general focus resides on:

1. Repair maintenance - Inspection of structures systems and components, damage and corrosion analysis and repair accordingly.
2. Preventive maintenance- Carried out in order to keep something in working order or extend its life, such as replacing cracked roofing tiles before inclement weather, painting and coating
3. Front-line maintenance: This involves maintaining building, stations, dams, roads etc. while it is still in use, such as repainting and decorating, repairing in parts.
4. Reliability centred maintenance: A combination of maintenance strategies used to ensure a structure continues stays safe, by using latest technologies of non destructive tests.
5. Scheduled maintenance: Preventive maintenance carried out in accordance with contract specified intervals in number of operations, durations etc.

Common maintenance tasks include:

1. Treatment of old structures by removal of rust and corrosion of prime strength imparting agents like reinforcements and concrete and strengthening them with use of extensive new techniques and chemicals, admixtures to gain service strength to make it last long.
2. Modern methods of grouting and repairing using chemical injectors and replacements in old structure and washrooms and seepage area.
3. Exterior painting and plastering with anti-vegetation and shrub chemicals which protects the structure from plantations hence increasing service life.
4. We also use acrylic single component based anti-carbonation protection coating to achieve long usable period of the structure.
5. Landscaping and gardening and other aesthetic enhancements.
6. Pavement and tiles repairs.
7. Carpentry and repairs of fixtures like Window and door.
8. Debris/rubbish removal and clearance.
9. Removal of fungal stain or mould by Jet washing with chemical cleaning.
10. Electrical works and Lighting repairs.
11. Re-plastering and plaster repairs, coating and painting removal with repainting and coating.
12. Tiling, flooring, brick work etc.
13. Carpeting and flooring.
14. Plumbing maintenance
15. Repairing cracking or leaning walls and concrete.
16. Foundation inspection with remedies of leaching marks, corrosion in bars by repairing and application of anticorrosion agents.

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